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Bauer X-LS Sr 1058935 hockey skates

Bauer X-LS Sr 1058935 hockey skates

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The Bauer X-LS Sr. hockey skates


  • A model designed for beginner skating enthusiasts.
  • We have designed the Bauer Vapor XLS (learning to skate) skates with the needs of an athlete who is going to take their first steps on the ice in mind.
  • They are great for learning to skate for children, but they will also make it easier to learn to skate for hockey players who want to start playing hockey as an amateur - they are available for all age groups.
  • This entry-level model features a one-piece polycarbonate frame and a pleasant microfiber interior.
  • This model is equipped with the LS PRO II & STAINLESS STEEL blade, which is longer than the skates for advanced hockey players, thus helping to maintain stability and make the first progress faster.


  • Purpose Hockey, field player, senior
  • Blades Stainless steel
  • 3D Poly Carb material
  • Tongue Felt with insert
  • EDGE blade replacement option No.
  • Thermoforming No.
  • Lining Microfiber, Anaform

- Sport : Winter sports
- Producer : Bauer
- Product Type : Recreational accessories
- Subcategory : Skates
- Material : Plastics
- Gender : Men, Women
- Colour : Black
- MPN : 1058935
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