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Hockey skates Tempish Volt-R 1000004807

Hockey skates Tempish Volt-R 1000004807

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TEMPISH Volt-R hockey inline skates


  • Ice hockey skates with a new revolutionary design, making them both strong and very light.
  • The entire skeleton is made of one piece of HDPE of different thickness, depending on the strength and hardness needs of the individual parts.
  • The anatomical shape has been developed to follow the shape of the feet of active ice hockey skaters.
  • Built on the experience and history of TEMPISH hockey skates.
  • Inner lining around the ankles and Achilles tendon keeps the foot firm and firm in the shoe
  • The anatomical insert with the anatomical shape of the tongue perfectly complements the comfortable inner space of the skate
  • The back of the shoe is very strong and provides high support for the calf.
  • TEMPISH MESH skids with embedded screws were used in the skates, modified (MESH ULTRA R) according to the shape of the VOLT sole.
  • Equipped with highly grippy TEMPISH WOOW wheels with a hardness of 74A for use in plastic play areas.


  • Purpose Professional in-line hockey, heavy load, advanced and experienced players.
  • Skid Specially reinforced AL alloy, thickness 2.8 mm, surface finish - ALOX + print, monocoque construction, built-in axles
  • Wheel Size Roller Size: 37-38, Wheels: 70/72mm Roller Size: 39-41, Wheels: 72/76mm Roller Size: 42-45, Wheels: 76/80mm
  • Wheel hardness 74A
  • Bearings 608, ABEC 9
  • Lacing system Shoelaces Type |
  • Shoe shell Highly durable hard thermoplastic composite, side shin pads, monolithic shell, lightweight construction, internal ED shape
  • Liner (inner sock) CAMBRA brushed nylon, anatomical insole
  • Brake None
  • Top clasp None 45-degree clasp
  • No Ośka
  • Weight limit 100 kg

- Sport : Recreational and social sports
- Producer : Tempish
- Product Type : Recreational accessories
- Subcategory : Girls, Boys
- Gender : Men, Women
- Colour : Black
- MPN : 1000004807
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