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Pro Fit Buddy A Sports Wellness And Activity Partner

Pro Fit Buddy A Sports Wellness And Activity Partner

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Here is your partner in wellness, your faithful buddy that always pays attention to your daily activities.


Play any sport that interests you from basketball, football, or badminton, to swimming, running, biking, or brisk walking and your Pro Fit Buddy is always keeping close track of your physical health and wellness. It will not only track your calories and heart rate, but it also will watch your blood pressure as well as monitor your Oxygen level. Wear Pro Fit while you work and it will make sure to give you notifications on your business calls, emails, WhatsApp msgs, and texts as well as keep you notified on your social media msgs like Instagram and Facebook, etc.  Play your favorite music and it will control the volume, take pictures and you can adjust the brightness. Do nothing and it will gently vibrate to nudge you as a reminder to get up. It displays weather updates and is waterproof, whether you wear it in the rain, while swimming, or taking a shower. 


  • It is a high-tech and high-performance watch that functions well for you so you can too. 
  • A stylish and practical watch in attractive colors makes it fun to wear daily.
  • Waterproof and environment-friendly, you can wear it in all weather conditions, rain or shine.
  • Tracks and monitors all activities and displays them in your preferred language.
  • Charge I for less than 2 hours and keep track of all activities for one week.
  • Get more in various colors for yourself or family and friends, each sold separately.
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