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Tempish Volt-S W 1300001637 hockey skates

Tempish Volt-S W 1300001637 hockey skates

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TEMPISH Volt-S Lady ice hockey skates


  • Ice hockey skates are suitable for active hockey players in amateur sport
  • They have a unique design as they are made of a single piece of composite that provides variable hardness for optimal foot placement.
  • Their skeleton is very light, and at the same time strong and durable, thanks to which it protects the leg well against hitting the puck and the hockey stick.
  • The skeleton of the skates is also very anatomically shaped, especially around the Achilles tendon and ankle.
  • Thanks to the foam padding around the ankles and Achilles tendon and anatomical inserts, the skates hold the foot very well.
  • The tongue has anatomically shaped, medium-strength and two-part reinforcement - ensuring comfort around the instep, ankles and lower shin.
  • Microfiber inner material (CAMBRA brushed nylon), thanks to which the foot does not slip, increases the skater's confidence, effectively removes moisture and dries well after skating.
  • Strong, waxed laces guarantee the possibility of a very tight fastening of the foot and prevent it from loosening while riding.
  • The skates are equipped with high-quality stainless steel skids.


  • Purpose Hockey.
  • Senior
  • TEMPISH 7000 blades, stainless steel
  • Outer material Very durable and hard thermoplastic composite.
  • Anatomically shaped ankle and Achilles tendon, one-piece composite thermoplastic shell.
  • Inner material CAMBRA brushed nylon, anatomical footbed.
  • Tongue Anatomical two-piece tongue, 3D construction, material - special resistant PVC + felt 9mm
  • Shoelaces fastening system
  • Anatomical lining with foam lining in the ankle area.

- Sport : Recreational and social sports, Winter sports
- Producer : Tempish
- Product Type : Other Accessories
- Subcategory : Skates
- Gender : Women
- Colour : White
- MPN : 1300001637
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